Will the Fox show end on a high??


Leicester City is all set to rewrite history in a couple of months. The survivors of last year’s relegation battle looks like a different set of team all together. They seem to have one of the best playmakers in the premier league right now in the name of Riyad Mahrez and they easily have the best striker of the league in Jamie Vardy.

Till last week, majority of the fans believed that Leicester will slip in the latter part of the season and an obvious Manchester city or the promising Gunners to lift the cup. But yesterday’s top table clash between the foxes and the citizens justified the top position of the foxes.

The foxes didn’t took much time to silence the Etihad stadium with an early goal from Huth. Leicester completely dominated the game with some skillful attack and a strong defence. Manchester City who are a better squad than what they looked yesterday looked baffled at the way foxes played.

Riyad Mahrez’s second goal just showed how fluent their game was. The foxes sealed the game with a second from Huth for which Auguero managed a consolation goal in the end.
If Leicester can continue this rich vein of form for two more months,then it is more than obvious that we will have a new winner of the premier league.