Unhappy Mourinho’s angry statements


Jose Mourinho bashed his team players for not showing desire and attitude against Huddersfield during the weekend clash. The angry comments are a result of an underwhelming display from Jose’s team against Huddersfield town and eventually lost the game.

The day became historic for the winners as the win had came after 65 years against Red Devils for Huddersfield town. With the loss, Red Devils’ unbeaten run also came to an end this season.

A fuming Mourinho told that even a friendly would have had more intensity from his team players than this game. He stated that mistakes of two players costed the game for Manchester United. Though he refused to mention the name of those two players, anyone who have watched the game will have no doubts about the identity of the players.

Andre Herrera also mentioned that he felt the desire missing from his teammates in the game. For queries on Herrera’s statement, Mourinho told that it is better to ask him for answers.

With Jose expressing his displeasure directly in media, it will be interesting to see how his team will come out and perform next game.