The mighty Pep Guardiola signs for Manchester city


Premier League never fails to attract the big shots of Football though a few claim that La Liga is better than Premier league. Football world widely believes that a player has to prove himself in bpl to be the best. The myth is not just for the players but also for the Managers.

Jurgen Klopp, Loius Van Gaal are few of them who are taunted as the best in the business and joined BPL clubs. Now the recent entry to the league is the Managing hero Pep Guardiola. The former Barca player has already proved what he can in Bayern and Barca. He is one of the most successful modern day managers with 14 trophies in just 4 years in his barca tenure with two Champions league cup.

He also had a very successful 3 year journey with Bayern and improved the already best German club. The style of attractive football he adapted is his greatest advantage.
Manchester City inspite of having an inspiring Manuel Pellegrini has signed pep for a 3 year deal starting from June. They have left the better for the best.

Manuel Pellegrini is not too far behind pep as a manager though the latter is easily the best when you compare the trophies he have come. But that doesn’t ensure that life will be easy for pep in City. Van Gaal who is considered as a better manager than his counter parts is literally suffering for stability in premier league.

It wont be a surprise if Guardiola too suffer in his early days in bpl as it is one of those leagues where you will face tough competitions week in and week out unlike other leagues he managed where he didn’t had enough quality teams to fight against.

However, pep has the cushion of a well spending owner which makes things easy for him. He can bring any player he wants in his team with the kind of management city is having. With all these talking points on the rise,lets wait and see what pep brings to the Premier league