Well done Kohli


Virat Kohli did extremely well to take his team into the finals in a tight contest. In spite of losing the final, he can have his head high and be happy for a successful campaign.

Every time his team needed someone to do well, he stepped forward and took the responsibility. This individual show in this year’s IPL is the best ever performance for any player in an IPL with a few close contenders.

Apart from the player Kohli who is impeccable this season, the captain Kohli could have helped the team to seal the win in the final.

There are a few areas where he could have tinkered the team which could have helped the team’s cause. RCB was extremely strong in their top order, but extremely fragile in the lower middle order and their bowling line up. A Jordan who came to the team late didn’t fix any of the woes of the team which he is entitled to. Instead he added to the burden of inefficient fast bowlers. I

Going into the game, Kohli should have replaced a Jordan with any other bowler who would have been a bit more effective. At least at the end of the day, we can accept a Jordan in the team after a few chances, but not a Watson after so many chances.

His bowling lost its effect long back and his batting too didn’t clicked this season. Ahead of the game, Kohli should have opted for any other player in the mix who could have performed better. Or the trials should have happened some time back.

Had Kohli worked on his team selection from the start, it could have been a different day yesterday. In the coming years, Kohli should concentrate there too as a captain.
Overall, it is a fine show from Kohli and his men and they deserve credits for the way they entertained throughout.