Simone doesn’t want to give excuses

Diego Simone

Diego Simone’s Athletico Madrid suffered their second away defeat yesterday against Real Sociedad. Talking about the loss, Diego Simone told that he doesn’t want to give excuses for the loss and acknowledged Real Sociedad for being the better team on the night.

The away fixture didn’t prove easy for Athletico Madrid yesterday. Sociedad kept pressing Simone’s defense and a result they managed to win two penalties.

The first penalty was eventually the turning point of the game. Carlos Vela scored the opener for the hosts from the spot. As soon as the visitors went one goal down, they got desperate to find the equaliser.

Being a contender for the title, they didn’t had the luxury to take the opponent lead easy and they paid the price. A second Real Sociedad penalty robbed the little chance that Athletico had.

From there, all Athletico’s efforts went into vain and this loss had put them in a position where they might lose the third spot this week. There were a few claims that the refereeing was bad in the game and penalties were wrongly awarded. But Simone rubbished those claims and told that both penalties were rightly awarded.

Simone also told that away games are turning tougher for him and he will be working on that.