Ligue 1 is the most physical league – Marco Verratti


Paris St Germain’s young defensive midfielder Marco Verratti feels that Ligue 1 is more often underrated in Europe. He states that the competition is higher than La Liga in France and advices not to make conclusions based on PSG’s dominance in the recent few years.

Verratti spoke about the base of success in each league and mentioned tactics is more important in Italy and technique can win games in Spain. When talking about Ligue 1, Verratti coins the league ‘physical’. He feels that the physicality in the league is higher than all other top flight leagues.

He also told that even clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will find it tough to win games with higher margins if they play in France. The deep lying midfielder feels that the teams in La Liga are more open and less defensive. Whereas in Ligue 1, the teams are well prepared for the opponents and never let them sneak in easily. He pointed the current Ligue 1 table to convey that the league can be uncertain.

Verratti pointed that clubs like Monaco and Lyon too perform decent in Champions league other than them and said that the teams are strong in France too.
The player wishes to see some big money owners take over a few clubs to enhance the level of competency in the league. Verratti is confident that the league will increase in its status in the coming years.

Currently, his team is placed third in the league with OGC Nice and Monaco above them.⁠⁠⁠⁠