Ibrahimovic to face disciplinary action?

Ibrahimovic to face disciplinary

Things aren’t going well for Ibrahimovic in the past few weeks. He has already gone six games without scoring a goal for his team which is his longest goal drought since 2007.

Adding more worries to the player and the club, Zlatan might be banned for a few games.
In the EFL clash between the Manchester clubs, Ibra grabbed his genitals and told something to Otamendi in an on-field fight between the two.

This incident had irked a few controversies and the disciplinary committee will now look into the problem. In the next few days, the disciplinary committee will be scrutinising the incident closely and if Ibra is found to have breached disciplinary rules, then he will be facing a ban for few games.

However, there is no official announcement about FA taking this issue so far. But the reports are that there will be a statement released by FA in a few days after analysing the entire incident.

If things go against Ibra, the club will also receive a warning for not controlling their player’s on-field behaviour and one more disciplinary breach after that will lead to point deduction for the Red Devils.