CSK Partition – A blessing in disguise for Raina?


IPL will definitely loss some of its charm without CSK and RR. Though the loss is inevitable and sad, there are a few gainers from it. The partition of CSK might have came as a blessing in disguise for their ace player Suresh Raina.

The UP T20 specialist is the best player of IPL for years and still didn’t get the chances like his counterparts did. When Rohit and Virat Kohli are regularly captaining a team, Raina always played under Dhoni and didn’t get much chance to glorify his other skills.

Yes, Raina would have surely enjoyed his tenure in Chennai, but now he will experience the responsibility too a lot. He has to build a team from scratch though he has a few players from his old team.

With his cricketing career fading away, it is the best time and chance to showcase what he is best at. With the litte captaincy we have seen from Raina, we can say that he is very attacking and positive and tries to kill the game sooner.

Can his skills come handy in Gujarat? A Raina without Dhoni will be interesting to watch and he can look him throughout the season and then decide what he had learnt from the best in the business in a 8 year long togetherness.